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Dr. Jawahar Palaniappan, M.D.

Dr. Pala is an Interventional Cardiologist practicing in central Ohio specializing in balloon angioplasty, stent implantation, and pacemaker surgeries. He graduated from Madras Medial College as a gold medalist and specialized in heart disease at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic after training in medicine at New York city and Philadelphia. He has multiple board certifications and degrees from the American Boards of Internal Medicine, cardiovascular diseases, and interventional cardiology. He started the department of Cardiology at Knox Community Hospital in the 1980's in Mount Vernon, Ohio and remains the medical director at that hospital. He has taught over five hundred medical students at the Ohio State University college of medicine where he has a faculty position as clinical associate professor. To honor him for his contributions the mayor of Mount Vernon proclaimed October 13th the day he first opened his clinic and practice as "Dr. Pala day". Dr. Pala employed over =fifty Doctors, nurses, and technicians at his Mount Vernon clinic and has been chief of staff at the hospital in Mount Vernon. He has performed over 15,000 heart catherization's, angioplasty and stent surgeries in his career. His business interests apart from being president of Knox Cardiology Associates include investments in equities, muni bonds, and ownership and management of properties in Ohio and Florida. He made his first investment in a fifty unit rental property in Columbus in 1986 and continues to grow and remain active and hands on in property management. As the son of the legendary Tamil journalist SAP, Dr. Pala has kept his literary DNA alive by being the honorary editor of Kumdam for over fifteen years and has written three books in Tamil including one about Chettinad temples and one about the heart. Dr. Pala enjoys sports, including tennis, golf, horses, and yachting.

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