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Professor. Dato. Dr. G R Letchuman Ramanathan

Clinical school of Medicine, Monash University Malaya.

Dr G R Letchuman Ramanathan is presently the Professor of Medicine in the Clinical School Johor Bahru, Monash University Malaysia since May 2021. Prior to that he was the Physician and Endocrinologist in Department of Medicine, Hospital Ipoh, Malaysia. While he was in the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, he was its National Head of Internal Medicine Services from 2014 to 2021. Until recently, he was the President of College of Physicians Malaysia (2014 – 2022). He gives lectures and conduct case discussions in national conferences in internal medicine particularly in the field of diabetes. Regularly, he trains medical officers to sit for their postgraduate exams. He is an examiner for both the MRCP PACES and local postgraduate master’s Internal Medicine exams. Frequently he is invited across the nation to facilitate teaching courses and mock exams for the above. Since obtaining his postgraduate qualifications, he has been involved in many studies both local and international, mainly in diabetes related areas, as well as in endemic goitre prevalence studies and in health system research especially on patient safety. He is invited regularly to give talks on ‘Good Clinical Practice’.

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