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Dr. Anna Thenappan, M.D, FAAP, FAIHM

Dr. Annapoorani Thenappan obtained her medical degree from Stanley Medical College in Tamil Nadu, India and completed her Pediatric residency at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA.  After residency, she began working at White Memorial Medical Center as a General Pediatrician and was also deeply involved in medical education for both pediatric residents and medical students. In 2006 she started a private practice in Los Angeles and has continued her work as a general pediatrician and adolescent medicine practitioner ever since.

In light of the rising prevalence of obesity, ADHD, and autism and the burgeoning national dialogue surrounding optimal care for these illnesses, she was inspired to learn about alternative/integrative care. In 2014, she became certified in Clinical Homeopathy and has included homeopathic care in the management of her patients. In 2015, she became a certified yoga instructor. In 2016, she completed an Ayurveda course for clinicians and pursuing more studies in that field. In 2018, she completed the fellowship of Academy of Integrative Holistic medicine. Ultimately, her goals are to decrease dependency on pharmaceutical management options and treat seemingly intractable chronic pediatric illnesses with a holistic mindset. She looks forward to eventually setting up an Integrative practice, where she can help both children and adults with chronic illnesses.

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